Valérie Pellissier

As a sportswoman from the Valais and an epicurean, I want to share my love for nature, travel and gastronomy.

Valérie Pellissier guide à vélo de route en Valais

Portrait of a woman with a passion for sports, gastronomy and the great outdoors

As a sportswoman from the Valais and an epicurean, I want to share my love for nature, travel and gastronomy.

Dynamic and endowed with an assertive personality, I always choose my professional and sporting challenges, as well as the projects that are close to my heart by letting myself be guided by my instinct, my passion and my convictions.

Perfectionist and rigorous, I go to the end of things by giving the best of myself every time.

My keen sense of listening and my empathetic nature make me a personality appreciated by those around me.

I know how to use these qualities to guide, coach or even give benevolent and personalized advice in my favorite fields. Sport is my leitmotiv but my curiosity and my open-mindedness will take you to other horizons.

An atypical sports career

I discovered sports at a very young age, thanks to my father. With my sneakers on, I first practiced athletics and trail running, before taking up mountain biking and road cycling. 20 years of competition followed. Guided by my passion for the great outdoors, I also enjoy ski touring, cross-country skiing and mountaineering.

In 2017, a serious mountain bike accident turned my life upside down and forced me to put an end to my career. A new challenge awaits me and I fight with all my strength to regain my motor skills. Today, I consider this misadventure as an enriching experience that changed my philosophy.

I now practice my favorite sports for the simple pleasure of staying in shape, being in nature and sharing good times with my friends.

I also volunteer my experience to help beginners and contribute to the evolution of women's cycling by offering guided rides.

I am looking forward to meet you and to take you on those mythical passes of the Alps that make me so excited.

But I am also happy to be able to offer you experiences on easier and more accessible routes.

Traveling by bike in total freedom

As a competitive sportswoman, I have been travelling around Europe for many years to participate in national and international races but also to discover new playgrounds to train in.

I even challenge myself during my vacations by travelling for several days in autonomy with my bike, i.e. by taking with me only the essential in a small waterproof bag, fixed under the saddle. I spend the nights in guest houses, B&Bs or hotels, to recover from my daytime physical efforts, to discover cosy and warm places or to taste the local gastronomy.

During my first adventures, 20 years ago, the other cyclists that I meet on my way look at me with curiosity; an opportunity to meet and exchange joyfully on the road.

I have ridden over the passes of the Alps, the Dolomites, the Cevennes, the Vercors, the Provence or the Pyrenees, just to name a few of the regions I am particularly fond of.

Today, I meet more and more cycling enthusiasts, conquered by this way of travelling; an ecological means of transport, which invites to let go and to disconnect from this hectic and sometimes stressful world in which we evolve.

I propose to introduce you to this art of living which mixes sport, discovery and gastronomy, by concocting you a customized program, adapted to your level.

My bike palmares

My physique as a pure climber pushes me to participate in cycling challenges and races adapted to my morphology.

It is on long distance races with a significant difference in altitude, on one-day competitions or on stage races that I perform best.

My cycling is not limited to road and mountain biking.

I have also taken part in many ski-mountaineering competitions and participated several times in the Patrouille des Glaciers, the Pierra Menta and the Mezzalama.

Here is an extract of my cycling achievements:

  • A victory at the Tour du Mont-Blanc Cyclo
  • A victory and a 3rd place at the Look Marmotte Granfondo
  • A victory at the Ardéchoise
  • A victory at the Megève Mont-Blanc Cycling
  • A victory at the Vercors pour Elles Granfondo
  • A victory at the Vaujany
  • A victory at the Granfondo San Gottardo
  • A victory at the elite hill climb Martigny - Mauvoisin
  • A victory at the elite hill climb Sierre - Loye
  • A 2nd place at the Morzine Haut Chablais Granfondo
  • A 2nd place at the Haute Route Pyrenees, Barcelona - Biarritz
  • A 2nd place at the Haute Route Dolomites, Venice - Geneva
  • A 3rd place at the Granfondo Ventoux
  • 3rd place in the Roc d'Azur marathon
  • 10 participations in the Grand Raid BCVS with several podiums
Valérie Pellissier guide à vélo de route en Valais en Suisse organisatrice du Tour du Mont-Blanc

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