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Equipment, insurance, technical level... Everything you need to know to prepare your trip with Val-Bike!

I guide you on marked circuits, paved roads and paths with cycle tracks adapted to the practice of road cycling.
For the moment, Val-Bike Experience does not offer mountain biking, gravel or electrically assisted bicycles, but several itineraries are being created.
You must have a road bike in good condition. A mechanical check-up is done by your bike dealer a few days before the departure, in order to avoid mechanical problems. You will go to the starting point equipped with your cycling clothes and shoes as well as your helmet.
The spare personal belongings to be carried in your pannier should be taken with you in a biodegradable paper bag. This bag will be disposed of in a garbage can reserved for this purpose, after transferring your belongings into the pannier, at the time of departure.
You receive a bag to be fixed under your saddle, to carry your personal effects and your change of clothes.
The list you receive a few days before your departure will guide you in choosing what to bring.
I don't set any limits because age is a state of mind. Only your physical level is determining to participate in an adventure with Val-Bike Experience.
If you don't know which adventure to choose, contact me and I will give you personalized advice.
The number of participants is fixed at six for the multi-day tours.
I welcome a maximum of 20 people for the one-day experiences.
Each stay can also be privatized.
I will guide you through this adventure with kindness and encourage you to surpass yourself and keep your confidence to finish each step.
I remind you that the experience you are living is not a competition and you must respect your body. And if you should have a physical or mechanical problem that would prevent you from continuing the adventure, I will use public transportation or a cab to the finish line at your expense.
I select, for you, quality accommodations. These are typical establishments of each region that I test and approve each time.
To go on an adventure with Val-Bike Experience, you have to contract :
-Health insurance
-Accident insurance

Travel insurance is highly recommended. I suggest that you include road cycling risks in your policy.

Your insurance should cover the following problems:
-Emergency air evacuation
-Reimbursement of medical expenses and repatriation
-Cancellation or interruption of the trip
-Loss or damage to your personal belongings (luggage, bicycle)

This list is provided as an example to help you prepare for your trip. It is your responsibility to ensure that the policy you purchase meets your financial and medical needs.

Come and ride with me!

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